Celebrities Whose Sock Game is on Point


April 11, 2020 7 min read Some famous people really have mastered the art of wearing cool, interesting socks. They use socks as the ultimate fashion accessory to make a statement about who they are and what they like. Some celebs on this list wear designer socks that cost hundreds of dollars to 2/5 show you how rich they are. Some wear socks from the bargain bin so they can seem down to earth. No matter the cost or color, nearly everyone wears, even some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The statement that some of these celebrity socks make with this simple sartorial choice is unmistakable. Here are some of the celebrities who do it better than anyone and whose celebrity sock game is on point!

Russell Westbrook Of the four major North American professional sports leagues – NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB – it is an agreed-upon fact that NBA players are the most stylish of the bunch. Walking into NBA arenas for televised games has become more of a fashion show than anything else in sports. There are many stylish players around the league, but none push style boundaries more than Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook. In addition to a wide array of hats, glasses, shirts, jackets, shorts, and pants, Westbrook is well known for having incredible socks. No matter how outlandish the outfit, Westbrook has the perfect socks to match. While he usually stays away from some of the crazier patterns and novelty socks, the former UCLA star excels in the areas of length and color. He wears everything from no show socks when he wants to show his ankles to knee socks when he is wearing shorts and everything in between. He likes to add a pop of color to neutral-colored outfits with eye-catching purple socks or green socks.

Elvis Presley Has there ever been a bigger male style icon than Elvis? The biggest rock star ever defined what it meant to look cool for his entire life and well after it. He was the epitome of cool and, more than 40 years after his death, he still does. Especially earlier in his career, when shorter pants and rolled up jeans were the style, you can find many pictures of Elvis with his signature argyle socks. The King always looked good from head to toe and his argyle socks were part of it. During his time in the military, he had to look like everyone else. When he got out, Elvis made up for lost time, making sure he looked stylish both on the stage and off of it. Elvis’ style changed over the years from greaser cool to full-leather jumpsuits to Hawaiian shirts, but one thing remained the same. He always had great socks to go with his outfit.

Justin Trudeau This guy is one of the leaders of the free world and he does it in style. The Canadian Prime Minister is well known for his stylish socks. While being a world leader means you usually have to stick to a pretty conservative suit, tie, and shirt choices, this young and hip politician shows off his wilder side with his funky celebrity socks. 3/5 Even at large, important events, Trudeau is not afraid to put his awesome socks on display. During the World Economic Forum summit in Davos a few years back, the PM sat down with teenage Nobel Prize winner and activist Malala Yousafzai. The conversation was serious how to make the world a better place, but Trudeau still had some fun in his purple socks with yellow rubber duckies on them.

David Beckham You might want to Bend It Like Beckham but you may not want to follow his sock style. The English soccer legend has become an international fashion icon since retiring from the game and always presents an amazing style sense, no matter what he is wearing. This includes one of his trademark looks, athleisure wear paired with white socks and sandals. In a case where the exception proves the rule, Beckham is one of the few guys on the planet who can actually pull off the socks with sandals look. His “I just stepped pitch and pulled off my boots” socks and sandals get up is usually a fashion faux pas. For Beckham, like everything else he wears, it just looks good. As stylish as it looks on him, unless you are a World Cup soccer player, international model, and married to a Spice Girl, you probably want to avoid this situation.

Justin Bieber You can take issue with Bieber’s music or his celebrity persona but you can’t argue with his sock game. “The Biebs” can always be found wearing cool socks, whether he is on stage or in the streets. He wears funky socks when he is dressed up and even when he is dressed way, way down. Many of his outfits can look grungy and consist of little more than mesh shorts and a t-shirt, but his celebrity socks are always on point. More than anything, Bieber loves striped socks. You can see this love of striped socks at his Comedy Central Roast where he paired a blue suit with some great pink striped socks, or in any number of paparazzi photos where he is wearing long striped socks, pulled up almost to his knees. He can even rock a pair of striped athletic socks with sandals, joining David Beckham as one of the few dudes in the world who can make this look work.

Prince Harry Can we still call him “Prince”? Either way, this (former) royal bad boy has used some wild socks to help himself stand out from his stuffy royal family members. There is a great picture of him joining the English National Rugby team wearing bright neon striped socks. Those were special edition socks designed to support World Down Syndrome Day. You can find Harry in just his socks quite a bit, whether it is after a tough fought polo match or when he gets comfortable to play with kids he visits in Africa. In 2015, a British tabloid caught him pairing a $10,000 suit with a $2 pair of bargain bin socks. You can bet those are 4/5 not the socks he got from his more buttoned-up brother, Prince William, as a groomsmen gift on his wedding day. Using his socks as a statement piece like this is just one way that Harry tries to set himself apart from the uptight Royal Family.

Aaron Paul As an actor, the job is to portray a character. The best actors can create characters that are so realistic that people often think the actor is actually like that in real life. To compensate, actors often try to demonstrate that they are the exact opposite of their iconic characters. A great example of this is Aaron Paul, who created the legendary dirtbag Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. To point out that he is the opposite of the drugged-out Pinkman, he displays a classy style when off-camera. Frequently dressed to the nines in a sharp suit or trendy getup, Paul always wears the perfect pair of socks to compliment his outfit. You can see his great socks in the pages of fashion magazines, on the red carpet or while he chats up a host on a late-night talk show. The socks always perfectly match the outfit and add an extra layer of style and sophistication. He might be rough around the edges on TV but Paul is always put together in real life. Jon Hamm On the flip side of an actor like Aaron Paul are actors trying to prove they are not like the most famous characters they portray. In the process, some actors look just as good in their iconic roles as they do walking down Melrose. This is certainly the case for both Mad Men’s main character Don Draper and the actor who portrayed him, Jon Hamm. Draper was the essence of put together 1950s and ‘60s cool. Hamm, while just as stylish, does change it up a bit and adds a little modern funkiness by wearing great patterned socks. The actor, who didn’t get his big break until later in his career, has made funky socks one of the differentiators between himself and his beloved character. From neck to ankles, Draper and Hamm look very similar with great suits and classically stylish shirts. The big difference is that Hamm usually grows a beard when not shooting and his celebrity socks are always very different and cool.

Ellen Degeneres Most women in Hollywood opt for stockings and high heels when at an event or on a show. The comedian and talk show host, known simply as Ellen, however, has a style all her own. Her signature style most often consists of a simple shirt, blazer, jeans or pants, and brilliantly white sneakers. This uniform is simple, no-frills, clean, and classic. Where she shows off a little bit of her wild side, though, is with her socks. 5/5 Hosting one of the popular day-time TV shows means you have to appeal to the masses. Ellen does that through her winning personality and simple style. She once was known as an edgy comedian back in the day and has been a trailblazer for the LGBTQ community throughout her life. She gives a hint of this with hip and trendy socks. She wears striped, plaid, and polka dot socks to give us all a little reminder that she is a little more dangerous than we all may think.

Jacob Tremblay The smallest and youngest person on this list, the child actor Tremblay is the heir to the celebrity socks throne. Now just 13 years of age, he broke onto the scene at the tender age of 8 with his award-winning role in the 2015 thriller Room with Brie Larson. At the 2016 Academy Awards, he gleefully showed off his Darth Vader Star Wars socks under his little tux. The young actor is a perfect example of how people use their socks to show off their passions. He is a crazy Star Wars fan and took one of the biggest moments of his young life to show that off with his socks. He even named his dog after Daisy Ridley's character, Rey and he has said in interviews that his favorite part of that night (aside from his socks) was seeing C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8's appear at the Oscars.

Conclusion Celebrity socks. They may be an afterthought to some famous people, but to others they are a key accessory of great import to every outfit. You do not have to be rich and famous to have great socks, though. Just like these celebs, if you have a signature style, want to set yourself apart, or want to show off your passion, a great pair of socks will help you do just that

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