Custom bamboo socks that allow your feet to breathe

Bamboo fiber socks on the market for a long time, with antibacterial deodorant characteristics, attracted a large wave of people to buy. But others say that bamboo socks are a concept that doesn't work. So what is bamboo fiber? Bamboo fiber as its name implies is from the natural bamboo as raw material, extraction and processing of bamboo fiber, without any chemical additives. Its bamboo fiber unique porous structure, with a strong hygroscopicity, can effectively absorb sweat, remove odor, make the feet all-weather fresh and comfortable. In addition, the perfect ductility and stretching force of bamboo fiber make the socks of this kind of fabric not tight and not easy to relax, just like the second skin of human body, can be closely fitted with the feet, no bondage feeling, help to keep the human blood circulation patency, whether in the daily office or do sports let you naturally easy. There are many brands of socks on the market have played the "bamboo fiber" sign, in certain aspects such as good permeability, antistatic, environmental protection, etc., so that it is used as knitting fabric, soaking absorption, smooth hanging; As clothing fabric, the fabric is very broad bright, fully show the noble demeanor; As bedding, cool and comfortable; As a sock bath towel, antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorant and tasteless. Although the price is slightly higher than other fabrics, but its performance is not comparable to other fabrics. For people with foot odor problem, bamboo fiber socks and cotton socks in the end which effect is good? Cotton socks, in fact, good cotton socks, basically is the best cotton, that is, we often say combed cotton, the quality of the socks will not be worse than bamboo fiber. And the characteristic of cotton fiber is close skin to endure to wear, because this is in wear-resisting degree, the performance of cotton socks is very good. But for the people with more foot sweat, just skin-friendly is no longer enough, more need breathable bacteria, to keep the dry feet comfortable. Bamboo socks are relatively hygroscopic, which means they are more perspicuous and odor-proof. Indeed, the real bamboo fiber socks, not only the fabric is soft and elastic, its high strength of anti-bacteria and anti-mildew effect, will greatly enhance the sense of wearing. Since bamboo fiber socks are so comfortable and easy to use, why not give yourself a custom-made bamboo fiber socks with your own personality?

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